Vladimir Morozov 48 Flat Leads Russian 4×100 Charge; Six Men At 48.6 Or Faster

Vladimir Morozov - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Russia’s 4x100m freestyle relay prospects are not quite the searingly fast potential in Australian splits this month but Rio 2016 Olympic medal prospects the men racing in Moscow at national championships today certainly are.

Vladimir Morozov took the crown in 48.09, followed by Andrey Grechin, 48.18, both inside the cut for a solo swim in Rio. Next home, Alexander Popkov, 48.41 for bronze, with Alex Sukhorukov on 48.55, Danila Izotov on 48.58 and Nikita Lobintsev on 48.60

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Who will make the anti doping tests of Russian Trials?

Craig Lord

I believe, Rafael, that the UK anti-doping agency has been conducting testing in several Russian sports, swimming included… Rusada has had some powers returned but not sure about Moscow trials samples…

Veronika Gibadieva

UKAD”s specialists are working in Moscow at national championships http://rsport.ru/aquatics/20160419/914643976.html

Craig Lord

Thanks Veronika (thought so). Many thanks for the link

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