Vitalina Simonova Joins Club Of Doping Asterisks As FINA Hands Russian 4-Year Ban

Yana Martynova* was not the only Russia to test positive on the eve of the Kazan 2015 FINA World Championships last year, a four-year suspension for Vitalina Simonova* confirms

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kevin roose

Jarred Talent the Aussie 50k walker just the other week finally received the London Gold Medal in Melbourne after the Russian winner was found positive …..
Now a strong case he will get Beijing gold too the Itilian found positive recently i beleive …..
Can you imagine that gold medal 50 k walk consecutive games robbed the ultimate thrill on the day because of drugs ……
Now rightly so considered one of Australias all time olympic greats


It took a year to impose a ban. Results after June 29 annulled. But for how long after? I would have thought she would be suspended during this time.


WADA really needs to look into FINA’s extended delays in handling doping-related questions, not just this one but also Sun, the Australian woman who was told of a possible positive long after the test, the fiasco about the world record swim samples that were not tested for EPO and it wasn’t realized until the samples were destroyed….

Untimely testing protocols harm all athletes.

Craig Lord

Absolutely, beachmouse – but WADA itself is part of the problem if it does not sit on signatories and insist that deadlines are met…. what consequence to Sun and China for missing reporting deadlines? None, as far I can see.


Why does she get 4yrs and Park only 2?

Craig Lord

Gheko: WADA Code 2015 was when the penalty shifted from 2 years top to 4 years top… he tested positive in 2014, she in 2015.

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