Victor Viktoria Andreeva: 2:09 200IM Russia Mark In 2nd Fight Of Night; 100m Men Get Set

Vladimir Morozov - by Patrick B. Kraemer

A rush of Rio 2016 Olympic qualifications brought the Russian Championships to a speedy mid-way point in Moscow today, 24-year-old Vikoriya Andreeva in focus as she followed a 1:57 silver in the 200m freestyle with gold in 2:09.56 and a national record in the 200m medley. On a day when Andrey Grechin and a 48.26 led five men on 48s in the men’s 100m freestyle semis, Veronika Popova clocked 1:56.91 for 200m freestyle gold inside the Rio cut and the first two home in the men’s 200m breaststroke at the helm of three 2:10s also cracked the consideration time for Olympic selection, Andreeva caught the eye

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What was the meet where Victoriya Andreeva showed 2:13.80 in 2012? Thanks.


There is some similarity between progress of V. Andreeva and K. Hosszu. Both started to show visible progress in 200 free and 200iM after Olympic year 2012. 2:13.80 looks too fast for Andreeva in 2012.


Craig caught a good one here.
I thought Vikoriya Andreyeva was the same person of Ekaterina Andreyeva.

Unless they both same the same time in 2012, that 2:13.80 belongs to Ekaterina Andreeva. She swam it at 2012 Russian national championships/Olympics trials.


Asf, you are talking about two different swimmers.


Yes, I know. That’s why it confused me a great deal in the first place.

But that 2:13.80 in 2012 was swum by Ekaterina Andreyeva, not Viktoriya.
Ekaterina won 2012 Russian trials and represented Russian in London, where she swam inexplicable 2:17.84, the slowest of all prelims swims.


The fastest 200 IM by Viktoriya Andreyeva in 2012 that I could find was 2:15.78 in Saint-Petersburg on 17 March.


I thought I had plenty of spare time on my hands…. ?

For all their doping this Russian team looks very weak, zero Olympic medals a real possibility.


That is what I expected. So Victoriya Andreeva dropped 6.22 seconds during post Olympic period. That is 4.8% improvement.

It is equivalent to the drop of
47 seconds for Ledecky at 1500m or
2.6 seconds for Cate Campbell at 100m
It is huge. Where do swimmers like Hosszu or V. Andreeva find such resources? She is getting 24 this sommer, so the puberty is not the factor.
Maybe this is medley specific thing that is a blend of different styles. I cannot recall anything similar in pure style competition among top swimmers.


@Felix: is this Russian team weaker than it was in previous years. If it is so then it would be interesting if you can identify points where it happens. So you can make a reliable link between drop in performances and stopping the usage of PEDs. If you cannot do it then your comment is inflammatory.


My prediction is that Russia will win similar medals in Rio as they did in Kazan. In Kazan they won 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronzes with Efimova contributing 1 gold and 1 bronze. So, if Efimova doesn’t swim in Rio, I predict Russia will win less medals than they did in Kazan. And remember, Russia won 4×100 silver without USA and Australia in the final.

Craig Lord

Correct. 2009-2016 all in order, now, aswimfan…

Craig Lord

2:15 in 2012 Yozhik (2:13 belongs to Ekaterina A*) – massive improvement for V Andreeva. As you suggest, it stands out on percentage gains, as do several of K Hosszu’s improvements since 2012


All very suspicious, especially with the Russian doping scandals. One feels compelled to ask the question……..

Craig Lord

Yes, Ger, any such progress is bound to come with questions given the backdrop that tends to taint the innocent along with those who are not, a point some of those athletes calling FINA and others to step up their declared commitment to clean sport make fairly often.

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