Velimir Stjepanovic Makes It A Triple Triumph At Serbian Nationals in Belgrade

Velimir Stjepanovic chatting to Georges Kiehl at the 2016 Euro Meet after two wins and a 48.5 100m free

News Round-Up: Double European champion of 2014 Velimir Stjepanovic stole the show in the last session at Serbian Championships in Belgrade with a 1:47.95 victory in the 200m freestyle. That marked his third freestyle title in three days after wins over 400m and 100m; Chad le Clos on 1:47.2 and 48.9 as speed builds in the Olympic 200 ‘fly champion at concluding round of the South African GP; solid efforts from Steenbergen, Neumann and Verschuren at Hague Grand Prix; and Aussie James Roberts, on 22.6 and 49.5, back in the hunt four years on

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James Roberts (remember him?) swam a 49.58 100 free over the weekend at a Brisbane meet. Could finally be over his injuries after 22.65 50 free the prior week. Competing at NSW states this coming weekend. could be a nice 4th wheel that probably wasn’t expected. But lots of question marks on this event in Aust re Magnussen and having at least one other low to mid 48 in case of injuries form etc.

Other impressive swims to name a few were Dan Smith 1:47 200 free (in the 400 event) along with Groves with a 2:08 200 fly, Ashwood 4:07 and D. McKeon 3:48 400 frees. Finally McMaster a 4:38 400 IM.


Just some news from RSA.

Chad le clos
22.6 50 free
48.9 100 free
1:47.2 200 free
1:56.6 200 fly

This was at the last grand prix in cape town.


Majer; all very nice re Roberts but lets also recall his international record ……. one of non-performance in both individual and relay outings. Excuse me for not seeing him as any solution for the 4×100.

Ashwood seems to be tracking well this season and a pleasing time from Smith. McMaster has been around these marks earlier in the season and would seem to indicate she should make the AUS QT.

Re McKeonD; sadly over the past 4 years and abundant international outings; he has proven incapable of delivering internationally and one sincerely hopes at least 2 others finish ahead of him in 200 & 400 at Trials. Groves has not yet achieved “tourist” status but her international efforts of 2014 & 2015 have been of that nature; I sincerely hope she CAN turn this around in 2016.


I can’t decide which event will be more open in Rio: men 200 free or men 200 breast.
All finalists in both events have reasonable chance to win it, imo.

For 200 free, the big question is if Agnel can get back to his London shape, and if he does, the race may be for lesser medals.
Also need to see how Yang performs after last year.
And what’s the news on Park Tae Hwan? Is he going to swim in Rio or not?

The problem with such an open race is that it can be nervy and thus result in not so swift times.

So regardless who wins, I hope the bronze medalist can finish in at least 1:44 low with the winner in 1:43.


I think Le Clos will swim special times in Rio.
Losing 200 fly in Kazan and his times bested by Phelps surely is a strong motivation.

Kelsey Huebner

Does anyone know if NSW states will be live streamed? Guessing not but thought it’d be worth asking.

Bad Anon

Good swimming weekend overall. Kirsty Coventry posted very decent times at Speedo sectionals at College Station in Texas
100m back ~ 1.00.08
200m back ~ 2.09.66
200m IM ~ 2.13.18
Also encouraging times from Cammile Adams 2.08.38 (200fly) and 2.25 in the 200m breaststroke from her fellow American Olympic hopeful


Not appearing on My SportLive’s upcoming events list but I’ve just messaged them enquiring whether they will be streaming it or not.

Bad Anon

*Breeja Larson. Larson also won the 100breast in 1.07.66 at the sectionals meet in College Station


Nice times by Coventry, but I’m afraid her time as strong medal contender at the Olympics over.

Her peak was in Beijing, and it was incredible and she could have gone home with four individual golds had fate was on her side.

It is amazing to see that “older” swimmers continue to compete. I hope Alshammar makes it.

paolo rubbiani

@aswimfan: in my opinion men’s 200 breast has a clear favorite: Marco Koch (swimming two times in a fortnight, in January/Febrary, 2.07.7 is a real show of strenght)
Men’s 200 free, instead, is absolutely open at the moment with a long list of swimmers aiming at the medals.



you are right, Koch is the the clear favorite, but behind him, anyone in the final can medal.

Same thing with 200 free actually, IF Agnel gets back to London shape, he will also be he clear favorite.

Bad Anon

we’ll know the favorites by June. the world rankings will tell a story then. the picture will start to be clearer as trials season begins this March although US trials will really be most anticipated with regards to time on the clock and actual swimmers making the team


What I like about the Olympics is that there’s always a bolter, a surprise winner. Makes it all very exciting.

In London it was Ruta beating Soni and Le Clos beating Phelps, in Beijing it was Soni beating Jones and Liu Zige beating Schipper and so on.

So, anyone care to predict who will be the surprise winners in Rio?

It has to be someone who never won a global medal and beating defending world/olympics champion who is a strong favorite.


Dressel winning 50 free.
Wilson wins 100back.
Emma wins 200free.



I like how you’re always game to take up any prediction challenge.

Your picks would certainly be surprise winners. The great thing about your picks are there are not too far fetched either.

Dressel can certainly win 50 free, and it would be a shock against current strong favorite Manadou.

Wilson winning 100 back will not be a major shock as she already won silver in Kazan and recently her 200 back has advanced significantly. Yes it will be a surprise against Seebohm.

Emma (mckeon, I guess?) wining 200 free will be a major shock against current favorites Sjostrom and Ledecky. But this prediction of yours is actually also not as far fetched as it seems. Emma changed coach last year and she is now coached by Michael Bohl, who has proven track record in improving his swimmers. Emma recently swam PB in 100 fly, and her recent 400 was also a PB I think. She also went close to 200 SCM WR late last year. Combined with her 100 free prowess, I can see her swim a 1:54 in Rio, but will it be enough to beat Sjostrom, Ledecky, Franklin, Pellegrini and Heemskerk?
Unlikely in my opinion.


I forgot Wilson silver in Kazan!
About Dressel:
50 free is an event well known to demolishes favourites.Remember Cielo winning in 2011?The biggest margin ever.Manaudou is the clearly favourite, but he is having some minor injuries(in his back- very common for someone with a powerful start), and we don’t know how much of training at 100 free affects his 50.
About Emma McKeon: I think the best of her is still to come.She has the talent to upset the field.If she will do is another story…

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