USA Swimming Backs Plan To Divorce FINA & Doping Control; Olympic Summit Begins

USA Swimming has officially thrown its weight behind plans to have anti-doping removed from the auspices of FINA. Some 10 weeks after Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps said at the Rio Olympic Games that responsible authorities had dropped the ball when it came to protecting clean athletes and providing the best environment for clean sport, the American federation that represents them has backed moves to take anti-doping out of the hands of bodies such as FINA and make the realm “independent from all sport organizations and from influence from governments”.

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Invited by Bach? The fix is in.

Craig Lord

Yes, the meaning of independence is about to be put to the test. Not a moment to hold one’s breath 🙂 This process thirsts for independent oversight by professionals who would have no problem in calling out the kind conflicts of interest that will clearly exist in the meeting room in Lausanne today.

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