USA Back On Top In 7:00.66 Chased By Great Britain Quartet That Broke 11-Year Run

Conor Dwyer, Towny Haas, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps (USA) - 4x200m freestyle champions - by Patrick B. Kraemer

A year after losing the 800 freestyle relay to Great Britain at the World Championships, the United States got the gold back with a fourth consecutive Olympic title.

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21 gold medals is just absurd. Dwyer and Haas laid the foundation for the procession that followed. Man of the match to Hass for 1:44.1


Haas is one to watch for sure. 19 years of age and showing such maturity and spirit. 49 out and 1:44 is a great swim.


Splitting 1:44 in relay is great and he may well become truly great.

1:44 compared 1:45.5 in 200 free final means that he either thrives in relays, or was inexperienced in major final. Right now I’ll chalk it up to inexperience.


aswimfan – Look at his physique! I reckon Hosszu has a stronger body than him. 🙂 LOL. He is talented, and I love how he simply glides over the top of the water.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, Haas didnt swam his own race in 200free, he was follow other.
In relay he swam his own race like in NCAA.


Yes, I actually love Haas’ strokes. effortless.


The teams that won the medals had at least one leg that was out of the ordinary. The USA had Weiss splitting 1.44.14. Great Britain had the unknown Scott splitting 1.45.05 – in heats and the final! Japan had Hagino leading off in 1.45.34 – better than his individual 200. Meanwhile, Australia which finished 4th once again had no-one with any kind of oomph factor.

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