A Day In The Life Of FINA Man: Lush Life And The Dizzying Elixir Of Low Expectations

The Golden Thrones for the VIP's of swimming … no, not the swimmers, the blazers, stupid! By Patrick B. Kraemer

John Leonard, the Executive Director of the World Swimming Coaches Association and its American member organisation (ASCA) just spent the day with a FINA blazer. Here’s what he concluded

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As long as the FINA Bureau is dominated by members from developing or third world countries with no real swimming culture FINA will continue to be a third rate organization. Those who think it’s possible to achieve reform from within must also believe that turkeys could be persuaded to vote for Christmas.

If an independent review was conducted as to what these officials actually bring to the table the conclusion would be that they have no real skills and do very little or nothing for the betterment of swimming. You don’t have to be a governance expert to see that this is a bribe regime where well-connected persons in developing countries get their foot in the FINA door and in return for being compliant towards those at the very top of FINA, get rewarded with a very good lifestyle.

Craig Lord

In the cases of far too many, longstroke: spot on

Steve Levy

Cosa Nostra…

Craig Lord

No doubting its a family, Steve. They say so themselves. What kind I am never entirely sure about.

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