UK Parliamentary Committee Recalls Sebastian Coe On Russian Doping Scandal

The folk who brought the crisis to the world's attention: ARD, the station that sparked the Russian doping inquiries with whistle-blower evidence in a series of investigations from December 2014 onwards

Sebastian Coe, the Olympic track champion of the 1980s who turned to politics and went on to head the organisation for the London 2012 home Games in Britain, has been called back to Parliament to explain once more the extent of his knowledge of the Russian doping scandal and alleged corruption at the IAAF.

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Steve Levy

Craig, at some point in time clean athletes will want (okay, okay – should want) the leaders of their governing bodies to be transparent about what they know with respect to both the financial and performance enhancing areas of their respective sports. Current leaders such as USA Swimming’s Chuck Wielgus should “enthusiastically” open their personal financial doors to forensic auditors; same with Seb Coe.

If they’re clean, then short of a personal indiscretion or two, doing so will help bridge the trust gap; if they’re not then we should also see an increase in resignations…

Only an athletes’ council can hold feet to the fire of greed.

Craig Lord

Just so, Steve

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