UAE Broke FINA Rules By Snubbing Israel, Says Nevo

[Photo: Patrick Kraemer]

The Dubai organisers of the 2013 FINA World Cup in the United Arab Emirates today stand accused of breaking the international federation’s rules; “In order that our national flag and name wouldn’t appear, the results of every race we competed in were not publicised” – Gal Nevo, Israel

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I hope FINA does the right thing and takes action over this, but I won’t hold my breath. Funny how money always talks. Of course the IOC are setting a fantastic example with the winter games right now…


Why are these things dealt with after the fact; it is a well known fact that the UAE is among most Arab countries which refuse to recognize Israel; FINA should have insured that UAE agreed to hoist the Israeli flag and announce Israeli swimmers before it awarded UAE the 2013 FINA World Cup; this should be investigated and those in FINA responsible for awarding UAE the games should be fired.

South AfricanSwimFan

What a shameful disgrace. I hope that FINA bring the UAE federation to book and sanction them from holding any future FINA events in that neck of the woods. It’s time for FINA to grow a backbone and take a stand before they become as delegitimized as the UAE would like Israel and Israeli swimming to be.


FINA’s cowardly actions makes them just as racist and disgraceful as the UAE who are an embarrassment to civilization.

Deb Raymond

Anti semitism at its finest

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