U.S. Olympic Trials: Trademark Finish Lifts Cammile Adams To Top Of 200 Fly (2:06.80)

The 2016 Olympic Trials for swimming takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Photo/Matthew Bish- Bold Action Media

Turning to her trademark late surge, Cammile Adams overtook the field and won the 200 butterfly in 2:06.80, the eighth-fastest time in the world this year.

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Bad Anon

Good night for Coach Marsh’s students… Adams and Ervin punching rio tickets, Clary and Micah Lawrence qualifying for finals tomorrow night…. Though for Adams its a huge relief after DQ scare in prelims…. Clary though has his work cut out racing against the top Cal guys…. In Tyler’s own words it may come down to the two guys with the larger testicular mass 🙂


Along with the W200back, this was an event which I looked upon as one of the “softest” to qualify (esp 2nd spot) on the US women’s side ….. and by and large that’s how it played out.

Cudos to Adams for retaining composure after her DQ in prelims. 2.06high & 2.07s are NOT realistically going to see you at the business end in Rio even though the events has been slow internationally both last year and so far in 2016.

Adams did demonstrate the capacity to lift in major international competition at last year’s Worlds so she does merit being seen as a legitimate contender. However, my money is still leaning towards a JAP or CHN winner.


I think the return of Mireia in 200 fly, and who knows which 200 flyers the Chinese will bring will prove that 200 fly in Rio will be much faster than Kazan, Bank on it.
In my view, it will take at least 2:05low for bronze.


I’ll agree that it should be faster than Kazan. Belmonte has to be seen as a real factor and I would have her in the medal equation; her lack of racing is my one slight question mark. Groves remains only an outside chance given her international form line.

Dave Nicholson

I think the W 200 BR is weaker for the US than the W 200 BK. Regardless of how we rank them, all of the stroke 200s are relatively weak for the US.

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