U.S. Olympic Trials: Retirement On Hold As Maya DiRado Grabs 400 IM Triumph

Maya DiRado by Patrick B. Kraemer

Retirement beckons for Maya DiRado, but it will have to wait after the Stanford product won the 400 individual medley in 4:33.73, ahead of Elizabeth Beisel, who became a three-time Olympian.

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Whilst she may’ve wanted to be a tick faster, DiRado will almost certainly take this performance. Not only has she met the prime requisite of getting on the team but her time essentially places her where she would expect to be …. amongst those scrapping for medals behind Hosszu and hoping to pounce if she slips up.

Beisel certainly DIED on the way home and whilst she’s got herself a plane ticket; 4.36 is NOT where she would be wanting to be given she dropped in a 4.33 some weeks back.


The signs are not looking great for Beisel. Her fly is just extremely weak compared to the top medal contenders.
After this, we can now conclude that the Iron Lady will not lose any sleep. The only question is if she’s gonna break the WR.
Dirado has more balanced stroke, but again, Hosszu will be far ahead at 200m that it’s hard to see the pack run her down.

Kim Simonsen

I don’t think Dorado can find 4 – 5 sec. before Rio to challenge Hosszu – it will be a start to finish win for Hosszu close tho the World Record.

Kim Simonsen

Typo: Dirado 🙂


I agree with you. The most interesting and exciting part will be the fight for silver and bronze. The rest of the finalists are capable of winning a medal:
Belmonte, Dirado, Miley, Wilmot, Overholt, Beisel, and a Japanese/Chinese/Australian.

Barnabas Mandi

Aswimfan, i think Katinka will swim the WR.
And Kim Simonsen, yes, a dorado would win it 🙂


My smart-ass phone keyboard also does it to me all the time, changing it to Dorado whenever I typed Dirado. So annoying.

Barnabas Mandi

Or war-fish, or dolphin-fish.


Now I’m intrigued about what you actually typed

Barnabas Mandi

Such is life.


Through all the World titles and records that Hosszu has mustered over this Olympic cycle, her absence of Olympic silverware cannot be understated – it’s a different ball game entirely come Rio.

Hosszu’s supremacy in the medley’s is bettered only by Ledecky’s clutch on the freestyle events so I am certainly not betting against the Iron Lady to take Gold in both. But this is Olympic year. New names appear. Lest not we forget how things turned out in London…

Nothing is a given.

Jose Peña

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that Belmonte is gonna win, but I do. I think that Belmonte is able to go-

100: 1.01.50
200: 2.10.50
300: 3.28.50
400: 4.29.00
And a 4.29 is a time to fight for Gold.

Barnabas Mandi

You are right, but she will swim it. Both. The 400 with WR. And on the podium of the two backs. 200 silver, 100 bronze. e.g.
Jose, you are right. Belmonte is tough. Really. But the winning time will be 1:48 39. And Maria definitely can’t swim it.

Barnabas Mandi

Very difficult to type on a tram.
So 4.28.39. Sorry guys.


Barnabas, I’d say 400 & 200IMs very strong bets for gold. 100back has a lot of players in the mix; she’s definitely one of them but I feel the 200back may be a clearer medal shot given the likely contenders are fewer and more clearly identifiable.

Jose, tend to agree with Barnabas; Belmonte is very much a medal contender but unless Hosszu is really “off her game”, its likely to be minor coin she’s playing for.

Craig Lord

it was the f word – and we won’t be encouraging it. Thanks

Barnabas Mandi

dorado, dolphin-fish, mahi-mahi or in some places at the Caribbean war-fish is at the same. And really fast and strong.
yes, 100back is more open for medals. Only the Gold is sold out 🙁 but I think it’s good for you.
please forgive me, it’s very difficult to cheer for swimming and at the same time for football to 🙂
I did remember Doha, you can see it. I’m really sorry that Maria injured and on the other hand that she missed the open-water. But I’m sure this Katinka is not the same as she was in Londor, or as in Doha. She knows how to swim and how to win.

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