U.S. Olympic Trials: Nathan Adrian Cruises To A 48.43 Opener In 100 Freestyle

Nathan Adrian - USA
Nathan Adrian - by Patrick B; Kraemer

Nathan Adrian started his Olympic Trials by securing the top seed for the semifinals of the 100 freestyle, a mark of 48.43 getting the job done.

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Morning times add up put US with a 3:14:34 but I am curious to see if Ervin and Held will keep the times as night.. that puts US as 5th fastest team based on trials time, a little ahead of China (3:14:56)


That was a great time by Earvin, but I doubt he still has some gas in the tank for semis and final if he’s through.

Ryan Held broke his PB by how much?
I’ve been very very impressed with NC State coach. Dunno who, but he’s certainly done a real great job with his sprinters. And they turned out to be great in LCM too, such as Bilis, and now Held.
If I were a real talented high school sprinter and choosing to swim college, I’ll consider NC state really seriously.
There will be Sergio Lopez in Auburn, but as long as Brett Hawke is still there, I’d avoid it at all costs.


So, Lochte scratched 100 free semi, which means he’s given up on swimming 4×100, or BB will give him that place in the 4×100 prelims as in return for getting MP to swim 4×200 prelims.


doubt lochte will be featuring in the 4x100m relay. there are too many guys faster than him, a 49.1 ain’t threatening anyone – after the 2015 relay failure I think they’ll swim the best swimmers minus adrian. phelps is more likely to make the 4x100m relay than locthe


Phelps is not going to make 4×100 free. Unless he suddenly swim 47 regularly in olympics team camp.


I wasnt expecting Ervin to swim sub 49!!! Totally unexpected after the last 2 years. GO ANTHONY!!!


ps Aswimfan, I doubt anyone in the world swims regularly 47s in training camp. Swimming 49s in training is already a sign of splendid form and a good omen for the race.


what I actually meant was no way Phelps is going to swim in 4×100 free. That’s why I wrote that Phelps need to swim 47s in training camp, which is very very very unlikely.


Ok, ASF, but I would not be so sure. Phelps can still swim a mean 100 in my opinion. I guess much will depend on the times posted by the finalists at US trials.

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