U.S. Olympic Trials: Lilly King Completes Breaststroke Double; Molly Hannis Rallies

Lily King, courtesy of Hoosiers, Indiana University

Lilly King followed up her victory in the 100 breaststroke by winning the 200 distance in 2:24.08, Molly Hannis rallying down the stretch for the second spot to Rio.

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John’s final stanzas put these performances, merit-worthy as they undoubtedy are, in clear international perspective.

The W200brs is NOT a strong event for AUS, or one where any Australian is seen as any more than an outside medal contender; yet neither of these American qualifiers would’ve made the AUS team.

This event has not been particularly quick this year however it is inescapable that either of these Americans will be requiring drops of at least 2sec (maybe more) in order to make the final. The 4sec plus gap that will almost certainly be needed to medal …… possible, of course, but likely ??


No wombat, not possible. And considering the women’s 100br this was awful.


The depth in women’s 200 breast is amazing, almost as good as men’s 200 breast. What, 4 or 5 women swum 2:19 in the past 3 years?
Bronze should be in 2:20 range.

And I’ll start asking questions if King suddenly swims 2:20 in Rio

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, it maybe to soon for King, she already has long college season this year. Her expirience with 200m very small, i think she need more time.

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