U.S. Olympic Trials: Josh Prenot Blasts American Record Of 2:07.17 In 200 Breast

Josh Prenot, USA: after Universiade success, he heads for the Olympic Games among title favourites

Josh Prenot was superb down the last lap and surged to an American record of 2:07.17 en route to victory in the 200 breaststroke.

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Bad Anon

Looks like trials will end with no WR, a sign of the times after the shiny suit ban….. World records are now very hard to break which is great for the sport¡


Bad Anon,
There was no WR either in 2012 US OT.
In general, I agree that world records getting harder to break is great for the sport, but not in swimming.
Thanks to a few rubbersuit WRs, some great swimmers who swam really great textile records have not gotten their prize money (from breaking WR) as well as recognition they deserve.
eg. Agnel’s 1:43, Cate’s 52.3, Cameron’s 47.0
Those are really legendary times that may last quite a while too had FINA recognized them.


Dave Durden really knows how to prepare his swimmers for major meets. He was even willing to pull out Murphy, Pebley and Prenot from Conference meet in order to swim them at LCM pro series, and then sent them to Canadian trials too. It’s all paying off.
Instead of Bowman as the men’s head coach, they should have selected Durden.


I’m also impressed at how Prenot swam the race. He kept close with Cordes, sitting at his hip all the way, until the final 15 m where he burst into speeding bullet. You don’t see that too often in 200 breast. So exciting.
I put him now as favorite for gold actually.


Commenting on the improvement in the men’s 200 breast in the U.S., Josh Prenot:
“We’re becoming more like England (he says England, not GB), where we are pretty good at breaststroke and pretty bad at soccer.”

had to smile at that one.


Pretty bad at soccer lol


I agree with ASF about the WR. I honestly don’t think the women’s 200m butterfly will be broken in the next 30 years. Right now the 2016 Rio champion will be much close to Mary T Meagher’s 1981 2:05 than the 2:01 super suit world record.

Huge shame, so many great textile times. The one record that I wish was still standing was thorpe’s 400m freestyle. Wish biedermann had just been 0.02s slower 🙁

In terms of terrific textile swims that would have been huge world records – first magnussen’s 47.10 and then mcevoy’s 47.04, c1’s multiple 52.3s and Emily seebohm’s multiple 58.2s, as well as Alison schmiddt’s 1:53 200m freestyle


When c1 swam 52.34 to win in 2013, there were people in that final more than 2s behind her! even if mcevoy swims 47.04 in Rio I can’t see anyone in the final going 49


Bad anon and Anon, are you the same persons the “Bad anon” and “(Good) anon” who used to participate in discussion on speedendurance blogspot?
You two confused me a lot.


Can’t speak for badanon but not I

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