U.S. Olympic Trials: Cal & Georgia Embarked On Rolls That Kept Gaining Speed

Tom Shields - By Matthew Bish - Bold Action Media

From the start of action at the U.S. Olympic Trials, Cal’s Dave Durden and Georgia’s Jack Bauerle had their squads rolling.

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I think Dave Durden is underrated. He has successfully helped transitioning quite a number top SCY swimmers to LCM swimmers. In addition to the swimmers’ own talent and drive, that takes quite a skill and experience from the coach. As a comparison, Eddie Reese who was more highly rated at NCAA only has one swimmer (Haas) to qualify in an individual event.

Bad Anon

Dave Marsh was gutted when some of his big guns missed the team; Madison Kennedy (50free), Micah Lawrence (200breast), Clary (200back) and Jones (50free)… I am sure it’s time to go back to the drawing board

Alicia Williams

aswimfan, if you look at NCAA this year, Texas had 3 guys won individual title, Schooling, Haas, Licon. Former two are Olympian.
Cal had 2 guys won individual title, Murphy and Prenot, both made the team.
If you want to add Pebley, it is 3. For the same record, Conger also qualified.
I would say college swimmers to make the team is more rare than pro swimmers.
Which makes me more impress about Georgia and NC State.

Another thing I want to say is, Eddie had repeatedly so many times, he never thought about to become an Olympics swimmer’s coach or winning NCAA title, he just likes to see swimmers swim fast.
I don’t know your point for comparing Eddie and Dave, both are well respected coaches.

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