U.S. Olympic Trials: Cal Duo Of Ryan Murphy (1:53.95) & Jacob Pebley Rule 200 Back

Ryan Murphy takes the top ticket for the USA in the Rio 2016 100m backstroke battle by Patrick B. Kraemer

Ryan Murphy shot to No. 2 in the world rankings with a winning time of 1:53.95 in the 200 backstroke, and was joined by his teammate Jacob Pebley on the Road to Rio.

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This event basically played out to script. Murphy was a clear favourite for the 200 coming into the meet. Pebley’s PBs in the 100 looked solid precursors of a strong challenge in his stronger event.

How does this fill out the wider picture for Rio ? I feel John has summed it up well. Murphy is nigh assured of one gold, as he will at minimum swim the heats of the 4xMED …. an event where USA will need to self-immolate to lose.

Both Americans should, at minimum, make the final and can be seen as medal contenders.

The show down with Larkin ?? Again, I will go back to what I stated re the 100. He was technically messy in both events at AUS Trials and if he swims that way in Rio; he WILL be beaten and be playing for minor coin. If he has it technically together as he did in Kazan & late last year; he’s playing for the big prize.

kevin roose

Well Murphy as they say ” is the real deal” and mouth watering match ups with Larkin in both 100/200 ……
In the pool nothing gets better than two quality swimmers from America and Australia go head to head for the BIG PRIZE …….


Two Americans, one Aussie and maybe one Frenchman over the shorter trip. Add a Russian, a Pole and a Japanese to the mix for the 200 medal mix.


Evgeny Rylov is the youngest of all medal contender at 19 yo, he won bronze last year and he is improving heaps this year already. If there is no more doping scandal to rock Russian swimming, I think he is the most dangerous swimmer to upset Larkin.

And hats off to coach Dave Durden. To get 5 swimmers winning individual events berths to the Olympics through super competitive US Olympics trials is just tremendous.
Coach Eddie Reese got all the hype after amazing NCAA, but so far he got only Townley Haas winning individual event.

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