U.S. Olympic Trials: Another Michael Phelps-Ryan Lochte Showdown Ready To Go

Sparring partners, teammates and friends Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps - by Peter Bick

They’ll go at it one more time. Once again on the big stage, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are set to battle in the 200 individual medley, as both successfully negotiated their semifinals at the United States Olympic Trials in Omaha. With each man shutting it down as the wall approached on the freestyle leg,…

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M200IM: Barring overnight illness/injury or self destruction in the pool; not seeing anyone dethroning the ‘”Ancien Regime”.

W200BRS: King fastest qualifier but as yet, doesn’t appear to be at the same level over 200 as she is over the shorter trip. Lawrence most likely other qualifier. Hannis or Galat some chance of gatecrashing. As for times; I’m not realistically expecting a new world leading time. Anything in advance of 2.21 would surprise.

W100free: We still await the arrival of the next top line US competitor at this distance. The standard remains anchored above 53.50 and whilst it’s plausible someone MAY pull out some OMG performance in tomorrow night’s final ….. they’re coming from one helluva way back !

Weitzell has been the fastest through heats and semis but seems to be spinning her wheels coming home ….. she’s not going to break 53 doing that ! In all honesty, I would not be overly surprised if nobody beats Oleksiak’s time from CAN Trials and mostly likely only one if that.


Nice and easy for Phelps and Lochte. This is the easiest event to call for the whole meet.

I think the best the U.S. can get out of the 100 free is a solid relay leg for the medley; their weakest leg. Simone Manuel, maybe, keeping something back? I would look to her to come out on top.


Seebohm + Bohl is almost the same time of Smoliga + King, after Kelsi and Mckeon US will probably be around 0,5 0,6 ahead but Cate is more than a second faster than any US Sprinter..

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