Twitter A Turn-Off For Emily Seebohm As She Tunes Into Singular Focus Four Years On

Emily Seebohm - by Steve Christo for Swimming Australia

Double World Champion Emily Seebohm has turned Twitter off, said farewell to Facebook and told all social media ‘see ya after the Rio Olympic Games’.

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Will be a very interesting challenge for Seebohm who will be going in with 2 very large targets painted on her back …. and the question of whether the ghost of London will be completely exorcised.

She certainly appears a more mature and together person & the work on her out of pool preparation has clearly complemented her in pool work so confidence in her prospects is genuinely warranted.

Her position in either event, however, is far from impregnable. IF she is at her best, then she should win the 100, maybe along the scope of her Kazan win but maybe a slightly quicker time. If she is merely “good”, then its a far more open proposition where she’s still favoured but the likes of Nielsen & Hosszu loom very large.

The 200 is interesting with Seebohm only really taking this on internationally since 2014. Her MO has been that of a fast start then then sitting on for the next 100 before a blistering last 50 that finishes over the top of everyone else.

It is however likely that the competition is now wise to that & will seek to place her under greater pressure over the middle 100 so as to negate the killer finish.

Franklin’s slump has opened this right up yet the failure of anyone to really “pick up the ball and run with it” still leaves her slightly in the picture. With only Seebohm (just) below 2.06 in recent years, and the rest anchored in the 2.06s, she could still be in the medal picture.

Hosszu may be pivotal, will her race schedule mitigate against her or will she be the one to grab this event and take ownership ?

How do I see it playing out for Seebohm ? I’m not a particular sentimentalist but it would be some fitting justice to see her talent duly rewarded with at least one individual Olympic gold … and the 100 looks the more likely.

She will also be crucial for the W4XMED. If she is “on” and really hits her opening leg, she will most likely negate the majority of any potential gains USA might gain on BRS thus lessening the pressure on her middle legs. If she’s slightly off then the pendulum swings to USA.

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