Travis Tygart: Time To Lance The Boil As WADA Investigations Trip Beyond Track

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio - but the IPC locked the nation out of the Paralympics, with CAS backing [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

Editorial. “For those who love clean sport, discovering the extent of Russia’s state-supported doping program has been a nightmare realized. Russian whistle-blowers have come forward with evidence of shadow laboratories, tampering by state intelligence officers and swapped samples at the Olympics. This is a violation of the very essence of sport and — only months from the Summer Games in Rio — an assault on the fundamental values of the Olympic movement.” – Travis Tygart. Time to lance the boil – and not only in Russia, not only in track and field

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100% agree.


The Russian men’s 4/100 free relay. Oh please. Do we say anything more!


I think that in addition to ban/suspension for the cheaters, there should also be financial punishments. After all, all these cheaters (and Lance being the most infamous of all) won monetary awards/prizes and bonuses from their cheating ways.


Russia didn’t medal in men 4×100 free in Beijing, they didn’t even final.


Beijing 2008 seems to fall before the masterminds of the longstanding Russian track & field doping program set their sights on aquatic sports. If any of the Russian swimmers were doping then, it was a personal rather than systematic decision.

Lanfranco badia

okay mister Tygart by Russia From the Games but street from the games all the dopatis that have been found to defraud to start from the so many athletes made USA that him èreparano to win medals with the predicament vedi:Justy Gatlin Lashavn Merrit Tyson Gay and others you are OKAY?

Craig Lord

Quite so – but that is not in Tygart’s gift, Lanfranco, nor, I imagine, was he asked to write to that theme. The Russian situation is very specific and systematic in nature (and how): no denying it. It is entirely reasonable for all who test positive for the highest category of offences under the WADA Code should be barred for the 4 years allowed or, at the very least, a minimum period that locks them out of the next Olympic Games. That is now possible under the WADA Code and would have locked out Efimova, Park and others and avoided all the woe that has followed in their cases had the current Code been in place then. Any second offence, regardless of category: lifetime ban. Very simple club rules that are there to be harnessed where there is a will.


the standards for banning athletes vs. federations are completely misaligned. 1 strike for an athlete but 3 strikes for a federation?

4 years + next major (Olympics, World Champs) sounds right to me for individuals.

3 individuals/federation = out of next major sounds right for the federation.

we’re talking about Sport Felons and Sociopaths, not children innocent of the world.

Craig Lord

Quite so, Pegasus, to all that


Meanwhile, 23 athletes tested positive from 2012 London Olympics samples retesting. IOC has also said the concerning athletes and their Federations have been notified. This may be the explanation as to why Park Tae Hwan canceled the meeting abruptly.


I expect the majority of new positives from London to come from track & field. (The women’s 1500 is turning into a Steven Bradbury-like rolldown situation already)

I think swimming in 2008 was as chemically/biologically clean as we’ve seen since the DDR discovered oral turinabol; by 2012 the landscape seemed to be sadly shifting and I wouldn’t be surprised to see fresh positives from the pool.

Any thoughts on another slightly built elephant in the room that seems like a logical retest candidate?


Well, my hope is that the 2012 list contains a couple other swimmers who are heading to Rio. Both are current World Champions, both have been banned for doping; one is serving a temporary suspension for second offense and the other served very short suspension. Both are currently training in west coast of USA.


I mean the current team. Make sure their current samples are stored for future testing.

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