Top of The Morn For Jennie Johansson; Medley Mash & Backstroke Bonanza Ahoy

Jennie Johansson, of Sweden, by Patrick B. Kraemer

The rush and ranks rattle of trials season continued apace during heats of Olympic selection championships in Australia, Japan and China this morning; all big guns safely through, fine clashes in store at the start of backstroke bonanza Dow Under – but Ning Zetao is a no show once more, his lane in the 50 free in Foshan empty this morning

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What a coincidence!
Both Johansson and Bohl have matching best in season 1:06.63 this year, and now both also swam matching 1:06.67.

Does Johansson also train under coach Michael Bohl?


No, Mooney. Bohl looked great she will go 65 here, Winnington on 1.49 aged 15. Horton & Smith looked easy they could both medal….Hackett will need a 46 mid to make Rio


After Emma’s 56.8 tonight, let’s see what Bohl can do tonight and tomorrow.
If she gets to 1:05, Australia will have to be rated if not favorites then maybe joint favorites for w4x100 medley.


Poor Hackett, oh well, it was an amazing efforts and journey to

This should serve cautionary tale to anyone who are on high predicting 30+ yo swimmers to crush multiple rounds maximum swimming in Rio in 200m and up events.


.. but if Bohl cannot get under 1:06, I am not liking Australia chances for w4x100 medley gold.


Australia are already favourites for women’s medley relay gold.



I think for now, Australia is joint favorites with China for w4x100 medley gold. But this can very easily change depending on the results from US trials.

I am just not liking gold medal chances of any country which doesn’t have a 1:05 breaststroker.

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