Top 20 Most Significant Swimming Stories Of 2016: #6 – Down Under But No Underdog

Cate Campbell heralded and celebrated by Dawn Fraser in Brisbane today, courtesy of Swimming Australia

SwimVortex continues a countdown of the most significant swimming stories of Olympic Year 2016. Today, Australia. Our main image sums up what was a roller-coaster year that shaped the Rio 2016 Olympic outcome in favour of the United States. Here was the moment when Cat Campbell took down Britta Steffen’s world 100m freestyle record. The question is: why? For Australia, there was much to lament, unanswered questions in the mix, and much to celebrate, including the fact that Australia is a swim nation that can miss the target in 8 out of 9 big chances, most of those golden shots that resulted in no medal whatsoever, and still emerge second place on the overall medals table. That speaks to the strengths in the Australian program and the weakness in programs in many other places in the world. Even so, those in charge of Australian swimming must surely look back on 2016 and know that the events of July and August grant them all their biggest reason to call in domestic critics and others long in the tooth and bang heads with a view to finding a better way come Tokyo 2020. No 6 – Down Under But No Underdog

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