Top 20 Most Significant Swimming Stories Of 2016: #13 – Masters, Servants & Subsidies

Mixed relays and other things have been added to the European pot down the years - but none of it has made a headline sponsor take the plunge in 2016 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

SwimVortex continues a countdown of the most significant swimming stories of Olympic Year 2016. Today, we consider the plight of swimming as a sport struggling to attract headline sponsors and looking to be bailed out by masters whose power – spending and grey – provides a glimpse of the future for blazers who have not yet got it: the governance structures of the sport, the pillars of bureaucrat first, athlete second, have had their day. No 13 – Masters, Servants & Subsidies. The European Championships in London last May was a financial disaster. Time for the elite in their swimming prime to learn from Masters

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Another insightful article on the problems for the sport. You of course didn’t add in that our David is standing down so he can be on the Bureau as part of the blazers, a promotion perhaps?
or a long term plan to replace Cornel in the CEO role?
Just another example of where its going wrong.

Craig Lord

Zephyr, there’s a link to the article about David Sparkes stepping down and being a possible FINA flyer. The entire structure of FINA needs reform. They won’t vote for that themselves. It would have to be forced on them … by events


Thanks Craig. I don’t think he is aiming to be assistant to Cornel. More about taking over the role and maintaining status quo.
He is certainly far from the answer to improving the structure.

Craig Lord

The assistant is speculative, Zephr – whoever takes over that role would have to work alongside CM for a while, if not the rest of CM’s life: apart from his very capable personal assistant, he’s the only one who knows what’s going on in all corners of the empire… and I would imagine that we would see a lifetime honorary position for the director if and when he becomes the ex-director. The whole structure should be the subject of independent review.

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