To shave or not to shave? Coach Mel Marshall will decide, says Adam Peaty

Adam Peaty of Great Britain by Patrick B. Kraemer

To shave or not to shave? Coach Mel Marshall will decide, said World champion Adam Peaty after a 58.74 in semi-finals of the 100m breaststroke last night, unshaven, unrested and the defence of the European title ahead of him. There are 32 sub-59sec performances in swimming history, 24 among six men if you count only textile suits. Peaty’s are all textile and they number 11, his 58.94 from heats yesterday morning matching the time in which he made his 2014 breakthrough for the Commonwealth crown a month before adding continental gold in 58.96.

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Why would he shave, he is a second ahead of the rest as it is, unless he is going for a world record, which would be remarkable unrested!

Craig Lord

It was a question he raised himself – whether to see what’s possible in his current condition, confidence and all that, I guess, gheko.


I agree, why should he go shaven. The most important thing is, he is wearing racing suit! Even if he is so far ahead of the field, Peaty is still respective of the occasion, the competitors and the spectators!

A shout out to James Guy: Just stay at home if you don’t even bother put on your racing suit!
We’ll see if that is the case in the next 15 minutes.


.. Aaandd James Guy makes the right decision; he wears racing suit. He also seems to be making more efforts in this 200 free prelims. I wonder if he reads swimvortex.

Craig Lord

I know he does asf – but not for tips on strategy – that will have been decided a while back 🙂


He even put some comments here in the past.

@ ASF,
perhaps James will also reply to your comments :).

Congrats to Czech Jan Micka joining the sub 15 club.


Well, then I hope James Guy takes the criticisms with open mind and positive attitude. That would only help him in the long run.

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