Titles For Siladji & Stjepanovic; Solid Speed From Verschuren & Steenbergen

Caba Siladji - into the world top 20 over 50m breaststroke today

Caba Siladji entered the top 20 in the world, Sebastiaan Verschuren and Marrit Steenbergen the top 30 and Velimir Stjepanovic added a second national freestyle crown to his tally at meets in Serbia and The Netherlands today

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Dutch 4×100 women relay team has interesting age situation: 29 and 26 on one side of this scale and 16 on the opposite one. It basically suggests that the range of possible times can be as much wide with almost same probability for each result: from very fast to disappointingly slow.
I haven’t found any historical records of Steenbergen prior December 2014. That was 56.93. And then a rapid acceleration to 54.07 at Swim Cup in April and 53.97 in Baku in June last year. Let’s see what she shows in a month at SwimCup. It will give some idea if it was mostly a puberty related changes and not much more can be expected or she is at the very beginning of amazing swimming career.


I think Marrit Steenbergen is very talented, and I believe it’s the start of an amazing career.

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