Times Russian Reports Trigger Wave Of Calls For WADA Inquiry To Spill To Swimming

Yuliya Efimova at the London 2012 Olympic Games before her troubles began - will she be in Rio? - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Times newspaper today publishes part of an investigation into how deeply the doping culture in Russian sport affected swimming. Findings have sparked calls for the World Anti-Doping Agency to extend its probe from track and field to swimming and other sports. WADA is  looking at the evidence. The content of The Times is only available…

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Tiger Christian

In swimming there is a way to train, to believe, to trust, in which will produce pure victory. Nothing can get in the way or over power this consept as truth because the fact is that a cheater can get beat. The cheater’s weakness is the cheat they feel they need in which only produce lies. In the past 50 years many swimmer from many nations have cheated. Some have been caught and some not with many records and titles in the mix. Many coaches know this path and speak of it as they do not know! “Bite the apple if you want and I will act like I don’t know” kind of mentality from some of what is considered good coaching. This is hogwash and you know who you are! Cheating athletes and coaches supporting cheater or playing the blind eye still get a fair fight when it’s fist in the parking lot. Can you stand on the block or pick up your stop watch now you cowards that feel you are a somebody doing what you do? Maybe the sport has come to the level were the real win comes in the purest of training clean and beating the cheaters with their garbage coaches with out haveing to get on their lower level. We have a new drill to train for in our sport. It’s called “beat a cheater drill” If your going to win the right way your going to have to do the drill. Another good question to ask our world’s best swimmers is how many times would you test positive for a band substance on your worst day in the past 15 years? Was it recreational or to cope or to get an edge cheating while you train and race????? God is our judge in this life. I believe his favorit sport is swimming because all humans need water to survive and he maid the water. He also likes great swim races done out doors rather than in because he can watch from the heavenly skys above!


When will the the top “cleaner” swimming Nations and coaches lead the way and exclude any overseas swimmer who has a positive doping test from training in their squads.

On the one hand coaches from “cleaner” countries are crying foul while their fellow coaches are including drug cheats in their programs. Its time for all coaches and national bodies to take a stand and exclude any overseas swimmer who has tested positive.

It seems that overseas swimmers in some cases are accessing world class facilities and coaches while still using their banned substances.

haggis basher

As sad as it is, to read about systematic doping in our sport, does it really come as a shock? I mean the ADN project obviously saw it coming and to protect the integrity of both their program and their values have strict rules, with consequence! If we all suspect this is going on why do coaches still accept the culprits into their programs! If the athletes are to be 100% responsible for what is in their system, surely, programs must be accountable for whats in their pool? I know we can argue, we can never do that, as people will lie but at USC for example the athletes (or majority) highlighted for positive tests, seem to be in their pro group, meaning the staff their have chosen to work with them? Most are world top swimmers and your telling me they ONLY coach swimming? No information or guidance on anything else? Or do they simply “only coach swimming” cause they are turning a blind eye to a far bigger problem? I hope those abusing the sport are weeded out, so all those that train honestly have a level playing field in the future.

mingo freire

Craig I have a doubt Why don´t you speak about spanish trials? you used to speak about fred’s methods. Mireia is back 4.33.4 in 400 medley and 2.06.3 in 200 butterfly. Other good efforts were teenagers cesar castro(16 years old) 15.07 in 1500 and hugo oliveira(17 the last week) 1.57.0 in 200 BK, Africa zamorano(17) 2.09.9 in 100 BK ,also, jessica vall 2.24.45 in 200 BS 1.07.4 100 BS, solaeche 1.58.8 in 200 IM da rocha 2.09.8 in 200 BK, and 1.00.33 in 100BK. this link http://www.rfen.es/publicacion/campeonatos/schedule.asp?c=2016XX100009&s=2016&fed=rfen100

Craig Lord

Thanks Mingo. When not staying on top of doping matters … I spend most of the Spanish nationals running 40C for several days and coping with a nasty ‘flu virus …floored for several days…. I live to fight another ‘flu some day 🙂 … and catching up a little…


Mr. Lord, I’m sorry to hear that you have been sick and I hope you feel well again soon! Swimming enthusiasts like myself count on the exceptional journalism SwimVortex provides so much that it’s easy to forget you are only human! 😉

Craig Lord

Thanks Danjohnrob

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