Tim Shuttleworth Celebrates 19th Birthday Week Early: 14:55 Rocket For Rio 1500 Ticket

Tim Shuttleworth - a Rio ticket in his hand back at Olympic trials and now making further progress - by Ian MacNicol

So far, so near but the headline is correct: Timothy Shuttleworth, 19 next week, was just 0.12sec shy of the instant ticket to the Rio Olympic Games by the time he stopped the clock after 30 laps for the British 1500m freestyle title here at Glasgow’s Tollcross International: 14:55.23 a first senior crown and a maiden voyage to the Olympics for a man who had travelled more than a second swifter per 100m than he ever had before.

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Superb from Shuttleworth, and auto-qualifying for O’Connor and Proud – a much better day today!

David Brooks

Shuttleworth became the 9th swimmer to get within 2% of the consideration standard while Milne did so for the second time.
The list now looks like this:

Tutton 0.296% off target
Murdoch 0.427
Benson 0.915
Halsall 1.032
Renshaw 1.156
Milne (400) 1.356
Shuttlesworth 1.412
Wilmott 1.61
Milne (1500) 1.818
Davies 1.914

With 8 swimmers automatically qualified (Proud, Guy, Peaty, Willis, Litchfield, Carlin, O’Connor and Mile), that means there are 17 who are likely on the plane.

In addition, if they follow their own rules, GB should also take Walker-Hebburn, Scott, Faulkner, Coates and Hattersly for relays.

There could be a couple of additions tomorrow. I wouldn’t expect any qualifiers from the men’s 200 back and if anyone is to get within 2% in the women’s 100 breast, it’s likely to be Tutton or O’Connor who are already a probable or certain selections.
So any new names will likely come from the men’s 200 for relay purposes and possibly from the women’s 100 fly. Rachel Kelly has the potential to get the auto time or at least inside the 2%. If she can do that, she should go. Even if she misses she might go for the relay, even if she loses to O’Connor, given that Siobhan won the 100 free.
For the men’s 200 I expect Guy to win, with Renwick and Scott battling for silver. 4th spot could be wide open given that Wallace and Jarvis (and Grainger) are out of sorts. Milne is one possibility but my money is on Lloyd, who has returned to good form.

So that would leave us with a team of 24. Then they would have the option of invoking the “exceptional circumstances” rule, though that seems unlikely. Does anyone know if Dan Wallace has been ill or injured? His form has really fallen away. If he has that “exceptional circumstance” then perhaps he’d be a good addition. No places have been taken in the 200 IM and there’s one spare for 400IM too. But the main reason to take him is for relay back-up. Taking only four is fine if there are others in the squad who can fill in in the event of illness. If Milne does not make the top 4, then he could be the fifth man, but if he does, who from those likely to be in the squad could fill in? Litchfield? Shuttlesworth?
Similarly, I worry about Fly and backstroke coverage for the relay. There will be only one for each stroke in the squad as it stands which puts a potential medal in jeopardy if one goes down. Taking Tancock might be a stretch, but taking a second Flyer seems prudent. Guy is likely to be a busy boy and subbing in for him in the heat wouldn’t lose you much (Tancock would be a larger drop off from Walker-Hebburn). So then it’s a question of whether it should be Anthony James or Adam Barrett. James was second in the trial, but Barret has that 50.7 potential.



Thanks for keeping tracks on the list of qualified swimmers and within consideration times. It’s very helpful to clear away all these confusions.


I hope Craig won’t mind me linking you to my analysis here: http://www.pullbuoy.co.uk/olympics/rio-2016/off-to-rio-gbs-olympic-selection-tracker which (I’m relieved to say!) matches David’s calculations

As for Tim he seems to have forgotten he swam 15:15.74 at Wycombe in Feb/March time but with all the excitement we should forgive him – it was a terrific performance. I’m as sure as I can be that he’ll be at the Olympics.

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