This First Day Of December 60 Years Ago Marked The Start Of Dawn Fraser’s Reign

Speedy moments 60 and 80 years ago: Dawn Fraser and Willy Den Ouden [Fraser image - extract, Les Jeux Olympiques, L'Equipe; Van Ouden and mates, NT Archive and e-Bay]

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the start of a 15-year unbeaten streak in race and on the clock at the helm of global women’s 100m freestyle for an Australian legend, an official Living Legend indeed: Dawn Fraser

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clive rushton

Great memories. I too was somewhere in the building for Shane’s 58.9.

Craig Lord

I think that might have been the first time I met you, Clive, though we may not have known it and … I noticed Shane more than anyone else that day in boyhood 🙂


10 years, ha ha. Imagine what would have happened if she pretended, say, to have been held up at gunpoint….. 🙂

Is the movie “Dawn!” any good?

Craig Lord

And we won’t go into drink driving – and heaven forbid we get to the real stuff, like testosterone, epo and heart boosters. The blazers of Aussie yore will be turning in their graves, Ger

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