Third Title For Sarah Sjöström In 24.2, Therese Alshammar Heading To 40 In 24.9

Sarah Sjostrom [Photo by Patrick B. Kraemer]

Ahead of Therese Alshammar but not her 23.88 from Rome 2009 in shiny suit, Sarah Sjöström claimed a third gold in as many days at Swedish nationals in a swift 24.20 over 50m freestyle at Swedish nationals in Norrköping. Sjostrom took the 200m free in 1:54.3 and the 100m butterfly in 55.9 this week and will head to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games a title and medal hope in four solo events. One day she may get to Alshammar’s 23.88 as she chases Cate Campbell and a 23.84 world textile best but one pioneering line may be even harder to achieve: the longevity of Alshammar

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kevin roose

One gets the feeling that Sarah and Cate are two of the nicest girls in world swimming…..yet will be fierce rivals come Rio …..
i get the feeling Sarah is going to swim everythink at Rio 50/100/200 free and 100 butterfly plus relays cause that who she is ……to her peril i think …

Bad Anon

If Sjostrom wins 100fly on swimming second session of finals it’ll be a huge weight off her shoulders and the rest of the schedule will be about how smart she can execute her remaining events… I think her chances of winning gold on the 200free are quite good

Personal Best

I can’t recollect a female swimmer winning medals in 50m free, and at 100m and 200m distances at either Worlds or Olympics (at a single championship, or over multiple).

I know some have achieved this in the stroke 50s all the way to 200s, but not in the Olympic event of 50 free.

Sjostrom could become the first female swimmer to achieve this, is that correct?

Not saying it will be easy, but she’s got a great chance.

Craig Lord

Yes, correct, PB… never at Olympic / world level. Prime example of it being done at continental level is Franzi Van Almsick, gold at all three distances at European Championships, highlighting the regional test that Sarah S has not used to test the waters on the way to a steep challenge in Rio, the 100m the only one of the three distances in which she’s claimed European gold. As you say, not going to be easy but yes, she has a good chance.

kevin roose

To beat Cate Campbell in the 100 and ledecky in the 200 will be a incredible achievement ……but i dont think so

Personal Best

It’s been done on the men’s side though, with Matt Biondi, Michael Klim and PVH at either World’s or Olympics (granted, not necessarily gold at each distance, but a medal at least).

I wonder why that achievement has not been replicated on the women’s side yet, given there have been many swimmers capable of it since the introduction of the 50m free.

Alice Mills is the only one I can think of who has won a 50m free medal and a 200m medal (IM) at worlds, but not 100m individual medal.

Then there’s the wonderful achievement of Laure Manaudou winning medals from 100m to 800m in the 1 meet (in two separate disciplines), which I don’t think has been achieved by a male swimmer yet (though Thorpe came close in 2001). It may not be achieved again.

Personal Best

kevin – not necessary to beat them to gold to achieve this feat. Just to win a medal over those three distances has not been done yet.

kevin roose

Yes Personal Best you are right a medal from her is very possible in all 3 events you speak of.



100 to 800 free medals has been done in 1972.

Also, 50 free and 100/200 distances at world championships by women has been done in 1986 Madrid by Kristin Otto*:
50 free silver, 100 free gold, 100 free silver and 200 IM gold.

It is at the Olympics that women 50-100-200 has not been done. Sarah has a chance to do it in Rio. 50 free will be her toughest event. She will be against defending world champion, defending Olympic champion, fastest ever woman on textile and another woman whose PB is better who kept beating her at European Champs in the event.


I had a dream this night that all gold medals of women freestyle races will be splitted between two giants. All in world record times that won’t be beaten by others for decades. Would it be nice and first in the history? 🙂

Craig Lord

Yozhik – if you want to leave Russian sayings/thoughts, then be kind enough to leave a translation/explanation … otherwise it doesn’t work too well 🙂


@Craig Lord: it was a play on words that makes no sense if being translated word by word literally. It is about unfulfilled hope of somebody who was originally a promising athlete. This is well-known joke that is easily appreciated by any sport fan who understand Cyrillic: Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian etc. If you care about widening your audience then you may leave it as it is. If you don’t understand the meaning and don’t trust me then you can remove it. I have know problem with that. I think it doesn’t cause any problem to you readers neither unless they are suffering some kind of “phobia”. Whenever the conversation is going in let say in Portuguese at this site I simply skip it with a little regret that I am not good at all with this language.

Personal Best

Hey aswimfan – thanks, I had missed Otto’s 200 IM win.

1972 – by Gould?
I seemingly forgot that too. Thanks for jogging the memory.


Yes, 1972 by Gould.
The 50-100-200 free gold medals could have been won by Libby Trickett in 2005 world championships. Alas, due to Alice Mills scorching in 2005 Aussie trials, Libby only qualified in 50 free and 100 fly. But in Montreal world championships Libby won 50 free gold, swam 1:57.06 4×200 lead off which was the fastest 200 of that year, and split 100 free in a time that was much faster than Jodie Henry’s 100 free winning time.

I think Inge de Bruijn could have done it in 2001 worlds as well had she swum 200. The women 200 free in Fukuoka was pretty slow with Giaan Rooney winning in 1:58.57

Craig Lord

Yes, Yozhik, there is a difference – Portuguese, I speak and read and understand. I don’t need to put any effort as editor into understanding what is appearing on my site (you do not carry that responsibility so if you don’t understand something you are at liberty to either turn away or invest your time in seeking a meaning). Cyrillic phrases in isolation are not welcome without explanation even if a translation doesn’t work. The first sentence of your note would have sufficed alongside the saying. And with respect, I doubt that 15 words in Cyrillic in the comment section are going to widen our audience to Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and beyond 🙂 Thanks.

Craig Lord

asf, I think you last point stretches too far : De Bruin’s best: 2:02.76. I realise she leapt ahead of herself in 2000 but even so… 🙂


Everyone is speaking Portuguese today, Ronaldo, Santos, Pepe, Eder.
Parabens Portugal!!!
Viva Portugal!!!

Sorry it’s been a long but happy day!!!.


Sure, it is up to you to decide what adds attractiveness to your site and by that widens the audience. I’m not the person to teach you that the boring comments section can be a killer to a beautiful article and how much an attractive discussion can add to it. Sometimes a nice 8 words joke in comments section does the job
P.S. is the Ukrainian language an exception. There was an article at SV that made citations of Ukrainian sources and was embedded with long video interview where people spoke Ukrainian.


Yozhik, what does detract from the reader interest in this excellent website are arbitrary musings or irrelevance pedantic, patronizing observations/arguments not related to swimming or the article.

About 30% of the comments above are from you trying to convince Craig (or Craig patiently replying) that all languages in including Russian would add to value to this site who’s readership is international but has English as the selected medium of communication.

Craig patiently explains this you but don’t get it. Myself and many other SV readers speak, read and write other languages but we respect the site and stick to English.

Apologies from me to you and all readers for posting this non swimming related observation. PS I do enjoy your extensive swimming knowledge and comments.

Craig Lord

“I’m not the person to teach you that the boring comments section can be a killer to a beautiful article…” The word and thoughts of Yozhik, not mine, nor anyone else’s as far as I can see. When an 8-word joke is lost in translation, there is no joke. I simply asked you to explain. That is entirely reasonable.

Craig Lord

🙂 Robbos


Dear BoetMate, you sound like a nice person and please accept my apologies if my exchange with Mr. Lord irritated you. There is the hint: if you see some numbers in my postings then read it. If there are no numbers then it will be most likely “irrelevance pedantic, patronizing observations/arguments not related to swimming “. So you can skip it without any risk of missing something of great importance or value.
The following will have no numbers so you can stop reading right here and spend your time on something more useful.
I personally get tired of reading swimming related postings that repeat again and again the obvious prognosis/observations or same historical data taken from Wikipedia or similar freely accessible internet sites. Nothing new, boring, without slightest signs of humor. I don’t agitate from switching from English language at this site, but wouldn’t restrict people from telling proverbs or jokes in the original language because the beauty of them may get lost in translation. Who understand – enjoy; who doesn’t – no problem.
Mr.Lord has basically same opinion. But this time he just removed the swimming related nice joke, because he wanted to be on the safe side not getting into legal or any other kind of troubles. Sometimes his censorship is too much and is based on personal distrust. But that is his right to do and as I said, i respect it. What I don’t respect when he is saying that he does it with respect.

Craig Lord

I don’t do this with respect Yozhik, because you’re not being respectful yourself. “But this time he just removed the swimming related nice joke, because he wanted to be on the safe side not getting into legal or any other kind of troubles” …. no, that is not why I removed a sentence of Cyrillic that was placed on the site with no context and no explanation. I simply asked you to provide one. Very reasonable and simple request – and when you did provide one, you did not repeat the cyrillic words; you could have done but you (not I) chose not to. You’re heading down the time-wasting lane once more. Use your time more wisely. I will do so by trashing any more of this silliness and no, it won’t be with respect because you wouldn’t have deserved it.

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