The World Top 100 Rankings: Olympic Season 2016 For SwimVortex Gold Members

Kosuke Hagino of Japan on the way to a debut first Olympic gold in a year in which he logged seven world top 100 swims across the range of events - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The context of our series on shiny suits and the progress in the pool sinking them further to the bottom of the seabed is to be found in the depth and range of standards in each passing season. Olympic year 2016 was, as expected, significant when it came to feeding new entries into the all-time rankings. In this article, SwimVortex Gold Members can download the 2016 Top 100 rankings and see which man had seven solo entries in the top 100s, which woman had 12 and how that compared to her previous seasons in a small but stark chart that speaks to a unique profile in world swimming. Our annual rankings are the most accurate in the world.

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