The Tragic Day That Claimed The Lives Of Italy’s Swim Team: Bremen 1966, 50 Years On

L'Ultima Bracciata by Francesco Zarazana

In the archive of tragic events from sporting history, Bremen 1966 marked the moment when an entire Italian swimming team was lost in a plane crash. The 50th commemoration is due. We pay our respects with this report and recall the memories of Georges Kiehl, the French international who was there at the meet in Germany when the news of tragedy broke

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Thank you for the article. I was unfamiliar with the tragedy before. So many young athletes have died in plane crashes over the years, it seems.

paolo rubbiani

Thanks Craig for the commemoration of such a tremendous tragedy. Breathless after reading this article and reminding some details.

Ada Kok

Just wanted to say thank you for your striking memorable article….
It was forwarded to me by Georges Kiehl and reading it ,while sitting behind my computer with goosepimples, the memories and emotions rushed back….I was there; also being a swimmer
Bremen 1966 …50 years ago .. it seems like yesterday to me … The impact this plane crash had on all of us present at this swimmeet will never ever be forgotten !!! Like Georges, the memory of the bouquet of flowers on the startingblocks of the empty lanes I will never forget !!
So sad, and so honourable
It is true , much water under the bridge since Bremen,but the memory of 1966 still lingers strong in mind and heart.

Craig Lord

Ada, many thanks for your note – how we miss you on every deck. x C

Ada Kok

Miss you guys too !!! A lot …!!!
Big hug,
Ada xx


They missed the flight they were supposed to take and jumped on the plane that brought them to their death. ill fate.

Italian swimming was reset to zero after that crash.

Of course in this country everyone remembers Superga and no one, but few, does Bremen.

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