The SwimVortex Guide To The Olympic Games: August 6-13, 2016, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio 2016 - The SwimVortex Guide (all images by Patrick B. Kraemer)

Swimming gets underway at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this coming Saturday August 8. Eight days of thrills and spills ahead. Today, we launch the SwimVortex Guide to swimming at the XXXI Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We hope that it will be a useful reference point and resource that will contribute to your understanding…

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Nicole Livingstone is once again the official Olympics Broadcast Service commentator.

I really like her as swimming commentator.

julian romero

Amazing job – as usual, Mr. Lord!

Craig Lord

Thank you, Julian, appreciated.

Jorge Abril

For the ranking: Mireia Belmonte, 4:05.57 last month in Las Palmas.

Craig Lord

In, Jorge, thanks – and Melani Costa, too.

Jorge Abril

Thanks Craig.


Hmm… Mireia Belmonte could very well give Hosszu a pretty tough fight in 400 IM.

I just wished she’d dropped 200 IM to maximise her chances in 200 fly.

Jorge Abril

According to her coach, Fred Vergnoux: “Our plan is to swim many races. She feels better like that”.


Thanks Jorge,

I love how defiant are mireia and her coach against doping, but there’s a statement in the article that is not correct:

La historia es concluyente: nunca una nadadora de más de 24 años ha ganado el oro olímpico sin recurrir al dopaje en las pruebas que afrontará ella.

(google translate: The story is conclusive: never a swimmer over 24 years has won the Olympic gold without resorting to doping tests that will face it.)

I assume the sentence referred to a female swimmer.
Dawn Fraser won her third successive gold in 1964 Tokyo when she was almost 27 yo.
I doubt Fraser was doping.

Jorge Abril

Asf, the author refers to 400 and 800F, 200 and 400IM and 200B… Fraser won the 100F in 1964.


Ah I see. It makes sense now. Thanks.

Jorge Abril

Dear Craig, for the ranking: Mireia Belmonte, 8:24.77 in 800F (Spanish Summer in Las Palmas).

Craig Lord

Thanks Jorge – in. best, C

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