The Shiny Squeeze In Realm Of Krayzelburg, Peirsol, Lochte, Grevers, Clary & Murphy

Fine start (this one at practice in 2005) and by the finish a brilliant career for Aaron Peirsol - by Patrick B. Kraemer

This month, SwimVortex is posting a series of short articles and tables that take stock of how swimmers, coaches and swimming speed have coped with the onslaught of shiny suits in 2008-09. After considering human limits we looked at men’s sprint freestyle and distance freestyle.   Today: Men’s Backstroke Back in 1992, the last time we saw non-Americans claiming Olympic gold on backstroke, with…

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Steve Levy

Wondering what times John Naber and Roland Matthes would have hit with better suit technology, flip turns (do any of today’s backstrokers even know how to do a swivel turn?), starting blocks, etc…

Craig Lord

Ah, two of the greatest. I think, Steve, you’re looking at at least a second over 100m and 2.5 over 200m … and more with level-deck pools, far more effective wave-breaker lanes, 3m pool depths etc.

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