The Next Challenge For The Six Survivors Of Great Britain’s Seven Olympic Fourths

Chloe Sutton - by Ian MacNicol

As the acton drew to a close in Rio last August, Bill Furniss, the head coach of Britain celebrating the nation’s finest result in the Olympic pool since the age of pioneers more than a century before, shot a cannon ball across the bows of FINA and the International Olympic Committee for failing to protect clean athletes. Could the blazers please explain to most of the seven charges who finished fourth in Rio why they had failed to deliver clean sport. One of the seven is gone, retired, six remain and will take to their blocks once more in pursuit of honour and fair play at the British Championships in Sheffield this week

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Barnabas Mandi

Craig, Happy Easter to you. There’s a typo in the article, Jazmin Carlin Silver over 400m and 800m freestyle.

Craig Lord

Thanks Barnabas, what is the typo in Liz’s feature? I cant see it

Barnabas Mandi

Britain’s nine medal winners in the pool at Rio 2016: two times the 400m

Craig Lord

Thanks Barnabas (was looking at the feature on Jazz). Happy Easter to you, too

Barnabas Mandi

You’re welcome and thanks Craig

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