The LZR Lives On: Speedo Fastskin Racer X Suited For Feel-Good Factor, Say Swimmers

Michael Jamieson - courtesy of Speedo

Speedo, the world’s most-recognised swimwear brand, launched its 2015 kit today at a breakfast in London graced by Michael Jamieson, the Olympic silver medallist. Other launches are rolling out across the world his week

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Darth Vader

It’s all a bunch of crap.
The suit is not an advancement to swimming Don’t bring up goggles or whatever argument that is usually brought up in defense of suits.
The suits are a performance enhancer designed specifically to take your money.

It’s all a bunch of crap.
Keep swimming about swimming.

Long live the brief.

Craig Lord

Thank you for your measured view Darthy, I like your concluding comment :).


I am pretty sure that suit manufacturers write the scripts for their swimmers. I wore a shiny suit during the circus, and i would bet that they felt a hell of a lot more streamlined than a mans jammer.


At least they worked with 300+ swimmers this time instead of just Phelps in 2008 🙂


Two hundred and fifty quid for the high waist jammer!!! Speedo, you must be havin’ a laugh.

I’ll be sticking with the Lzr Elite 2’s on special offer at £99.

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