The Ides Of Rome 2009 In Mind, Mayoral Candidate Says “Let Romans Decide” on 2024

Michael Phelps set to go at Rome 2009 - Photo by Patrick B. Kraemer

Stefano Fassina was just getting his political career in Italy off the ground when Rome was hosting the 2009 World Swimming Championships, the shiny suits and splendid venues masking for a moment the bill and blocks of concrete that survive to this day. Now, Fassina is a Mayoral candidate in Rome and that bill is among things all Romans should remind themselves of when contemplating whether the Italian capital should proceed with its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Gamescontemplating whether the Italian capital should proceed with its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games

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paolo rubbiani

Sorry Craig but I don’t agree.
1) I don’t agree with the great space given to a politician (because also Fassina is a politician, and a politician, in my opinion, with a strong desire of visibility and radical positions), even with personal references.
2) The subject is the request of a referendum upon Roma 2024 bid? No fresh news, many others before Fassina (for instance Emma Bonino, for Radical Party, two weeks ago) did the same request, and Malagò, Coni’s chairman, has already said his “nulla osta”.
3) The subject is the request of a budget? A budget will arrive before the end of February, as already stated.

Craig Lord

Paolo, there’s nothing to disagree with unless you mean you disagree with Fassina – I’m merely reporting on what he (his political status made clear to all who read) said – which, regardless of how many have said it and which political party they represent or whether they are standing for mayor or not, is simple enough: the people of Rome should have a view on how politicians spend their money. Reason (and timing; autonomy of sport and the way things have been done for a long time but need to change) for recording it is clear in a swimming context, as set out in the last paragraphs of the story, a scenario that plays out in many countries that have world-class swimmers but could not justify hosting FINA events because they simply cost too much. The Olympics is in a different league, of course, budgets and attraction. Happy to note in copy that the motion he spoke to was one of several similar ones – the reason for explaining his political allegiance was simply to let the reader know who he is and the context of him speaking – most readers will never have heard of him. (as for space given: it ain’t Corriere … just SwimVortex – I doubt the citizens of Rome will be reading, well not all of them 🙂

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