“The greatest performance of all-time”: 10 Years Since Michael Phelps, Melbourne 2007

Michael Phelps talks the thrill of the wave with coach Bob Bowman at Melbourne 2007 world titles - by Patrick B. Kraemer

This week marks the 10th anniversary of what was described as “the greatest performance of all-time” in the pool. Seven golds, four solo world records and a championship record at world titles in Melbourne 2007. Michael Phelp’s tally was the precursor to the eight golds he would claim at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games the following year. To mark the 10th anniversary of a special week, we dip into the archive and recall a moment when the job was done and media met Phelps and coaches Bob Bowman and Mark Schubert

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clive rushton

I would go with Schubert’s assessment at the time (and I was also
present when Spitz did the seven thing). The dominance was not far short of terrifying, definitely astounding.

And, as you allude to in the headline, his underwaters on the third turn of the 200 free final changed the sport.

clive rushton

Not in the headline, but in a linked piece on the fifth stroke.

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