The Betting Parlor: Value & Longshot Wagers Can Be Found For Olympic Games

Magyar might: Daniel Gyurta at the eye of the storm, Marco Koch furthest from the camera [photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

A look at some of the betting lines ahead of action in the pool at the Olympic Games in Rio.

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Was curious enough to go take a look at PP’s Olympic odds page.

Lets be clear the odds are extremely short for all their favourites and even 2nd/3rd fancies in many events.

The only events where (currently) the payout will exceed the amount of your stake on the favourite are:

Larkin M100BK, Prenot M200BRS, Phelps M200IM, FRA M4X100, Seebohm W200BK

At this point, going by favourites, they have the gold medals by country as:



Cordes at 11-1 in 200 breast is not a bad bet at all! I’d take it!

Blah Blah

cordes is a good bet, so is govorov… lots of these look like pretty good bets actually.

John Lohn

ASF, I’m with you on Cordes. That one jumped right out at me in terms of getting nice value.

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