“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly” – Abraham Lincoln

Lillian King - Queen of the Day - by Patrick B. Kraemer

“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly” – Abraham Lincoln – In that sense, letting the Russians in, letting the charade unfold, letting the tears flow, letting each and every day of these Games so far be turned into a place where clean athletes confront on an event-by-event basis those who fell from grace when they tested positive for banned substances, just may be the best thing that could ever have happened if the Olympic Movement is to be salvaged from the shipwreck it floats on as sharks circle

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Mack Horton got the ball rolling and others are starting to follow suit. It’s a big contrast to when Shirley Babashoff spoke up and was attacked in the media and similarly when Janet Evans raised doubts about Michelle Smith. The athletes need the media on their side to let these failures in the various organisations know how they feel.
Sun Yang’s comments re his “grandfather” only make one more and more skeptical. And he wants an apology from Horton?

Steve Thorpe

The Olympic games are diminished for me this time – and I resent that. Every four years I was excited to watch the swimming in particular but seeing these tainted athletes participate has made me indifferent.

Watching Sun Yang parade around the arena made me think that the Chinese have surpassed the Russians and introduced gene therapy in lieu of steroids #sunyanggmo

Congrats to Lilly and Mac for showing more balls than that conga line of spineless officials signing all those dodgy deals.


The men’s 100 free prelims are crazy fast.

The current world champion and defending Olympics champion are 15th and 16th and almost out of semis.

As I said in the first day, Chalmers could very much medal, and I am still feeling it.
If only he his start is anywhere as good as Dressel, he would be scary good unbeatable. He come home like a japanese bullet train.


aswimfan, to add Gabrich is out. Stravius and many other strong contenders are out.
Nakamura who was 47,99 out
Chiereghinni who was 48,12 almost out

Almost all top sprinters from the free relay “took it easy” and almost got out

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