The Battle For LEN That May Tell Us More About The Fight For FINA’s Survival

Erik van Heijningen Vs Paolo Barelli - did FINA vice-presidents from the USA and Kuwait interfere in Europe's election? CAS is being asked to decide

London, the place where FINA was formed 108 years ago. How the founding fathers who must be turning in their graves … London, the place where the next leadership of LEN, the European swimming league, will be decided tomorrow at Congress, the incumbent Paolo Barelli Vs fellow FINA Bureau member Erik van Heijningen. A change of style is promised.

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Regrettably, it appears that Senator Barelli has been re-elected 77-27.

Craig Lord

Noted in copy, CW – hardly surprising… Those inside who want change will have to fight for it. Meanwhile, the demise of all of them is a wave moving, a journey ahead, but gathering momentum for a moment when changes will be forced by ‘market forces’ – it is a matter of time.


Sadly, history too often tells us the that the only catalyst for action of the scope that will be required goes by the name of catastrophy ….. and its fallout.

The tragedy is the “collateral damage” is paid in human terms and is all too often of such scope to make one question whether there is anything worth saving from the wreck.

One can only hope that this will not be the scenario that plays out but I cannot help feeling that international sport as a whole may be facing a battle to survival; not only on the scores of doping and official corruption but to retain any form of public credibility.

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