The 400 I.M. Looks Like A Go, But Ryan Lochte Still Staring At Tough Decisions

Ryan Lochte, by Peter Bick

It looks like Ryan Lochte will contest the 400 individual medley at the United States Olympic Trials, but that doesn’t mean he’s not staring at some additional decisions.

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Certainly a tough schedule on paper for Mr Lochte. I think the 400IM on day one would be a huge mistake. 2*400im, 3*200free, 3*200IM,
plus relays might be a step to far.

I think he would be better swimming the 200IM and the relays only.


The women’s 400IM is also scheduled on the opening day does this mean Ledecky will also “give it a go?” I would laugh if Dressel really does swim the 100 Breast on the opening day. However, I would love to see him swim a 100IM on the World Cup circuit some day.

craig swanson

A class act is Ryan Lochte. Australia has a young IM star on the rise in 18 year old Clyde Lewis. Though he just failed to make the Olympic squad he pushed Australia’s best IM specialists all the way at the Aussie trials. He is ranked a smigin outside the world top 20 in 200IM with a 2.00.09 while he has a smart 4.16.58 in the 400IM. A name to watch out for.


Ryan should forget 200 back for sure if he wants the 200IM gold at the games. Two 200 meters events within 40 minutes could be a hell for a 32 years old guy.
In my opinion he should swim just 3 individual events: 200 & 400IM & 200 free. This could guarantee 4 gold medals at the Games, including the 800 freestyle relay.
Swimmimg 100 free, 100 fly and 200 back is too much.
I´m Ryan´s superfan and I hope he does so.
400IM and 200free will be a very open events at the games.
Ryan, please do focus. 4 golds in your hand. Do forget everything else.
Go Ryan Go!!!!!!!!!!


I’m also a huge fan of RL, and sorry to say but I think he’s a schmuck if he swims both 200 back and IM.

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