Swimming Speed & The Scorch Of Shiny Suits In The Realm Of Perkins, Thorpe & Hackett

Ian Thorpe, by Patrick B. Kraemer

This month, SwimVortex is posting a series of short articles and tables that take stock of how swimmers, coaches and swimming speed have coped with the onslaught of shiny suits in 2008-09. After considering human limits and men’s sprint freestyle, we considered the trend on sprint freestyle. Today: Men’s Distance Freestyle, a 2007 paper on the cusp of shiny suits and the pioneering impact of Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett

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A 16 yo Thorpe from 1999 in speedo briefs would have finished third, just few fractions seconds off silver, in 2016 Rio.

The biggest tragedy for me is that Biedermann’s 0.01 second.

Craig Lord

Yes, aswimfan: the current standard has now stood longer than the one that stands as textile best for twice as long…

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