How To Get The Men Of Maple Up To The Speed Of Success Built By Canadian Women

Canada's men have lagged their women teammates when it comes to international success of late - Swimming Canada has plans for a catch-up. Image (L-R) Fanny Teijonsalo of Finland and Javier Acevedo of Canada at the start of the mixed medley relay at world s/c titles in Windsor, Ontario, December 2016 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Canadian women gained significant ground on the conveyor of global progress that never stops to deliver their nation’s best effort in the Olympic pool for many a long cycle last year in Rio. The men struggled yet, the swansong of standard-bearer for so long, Ryan Cochrane, highlighting the big role he played in masking relative weakness in the Maple ranks behind him. Now, Canada is starting to address the issues holding its men’s program back from reaching potential, performance head John Atkinson and a new leadership team of Martyn Wilby, Mark Perry, Ken McKinnon and Iain McDonald steering the plan

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