Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom Set to Enter Den Of American 200 Free Lionesses At Pro Series

Sarah Sjostrom by Patrick B. Kraemer

The USA Swimming Pro Series will resume next week, with Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom bringing some extra pop to the star-studded meet.

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paolo rubbiani

Really great names competing in Austin.
All we know well that it is an in-season meeting and results will depend from different stages and levels of swimmers’ preparation, but in many races the field of competitors is stellar indeed.
Sjostrom surely present in the 200 free in Rio? I hope so (northeless I strongly support Federica Pellegrini), but I think that the decision isn’t yet ratified by Jenner. Perhaps also the results and post-race comments by Sjostrom in Austin wil give us some clues towards Rio.


I feel Sjostrom has the potential to break 200 WR, or at least textile WR if she focuses only on 100-200.
I was shocked that she casually threw in 4:06 in 400 free in a little meet last year, so she has that endurance potential to really bring it home in the 200.

The w200free in Austin will be crazy: Defending Olympics champion vs. Current World Champion vs. 2013 World Champion vs Fastest 200 freestyler in the past two years.
I am salivating already and it’s not even trials season yet.


Wait a second, there is only one true lioness in 200 freestyle swimming … need I mention her?
Whatever cats will be in the pool, Sarah has sharp fangs of her own. This is going to be amazing.


If anyone wondered why few American swimmers go on the World Cup circuit, this is the kind of meet that explains why- Austin is a relatively cheap domestic plane ticket to a quantifiably great competition field.


If Sjostrom indeed is going to race 200 fs in Austin it will be a smart move. At the moment she is probably the fastest 200 fs swimmer in the casual environment. Winning this race against the strongest contenders with the exception of Pellegrini can stop talks that are questioning her championship status and will put psychological pressure on her opponents. I hope that American swimmers will not take such a bait in this race of ambitions and will swim low 1:56 – high 1:55. It is just another step in preparation process for Rio that can be seen already in the distance. No need to rush.


Great fields but, being “in season”, we’re going to be seeing swimmers at varying points of their preparation.

Mouse, with due respect, its a case of apples v oranges. The World Cup is, quite probably, an entity that’s on the respirator but its held over a different bloc on the calendar and is usually raced on a different format (SCM). This Pro Series is a very recent creation; so far its seeing some excellent fields but time (and corporate $$) will determine whether it is a long term proposition.

Whilst people are salivating over the W200free; I’m actually just as curious regarding the W100free where the USA currently looks historically weak and whether Sjostrom may “send a message” not only to the Americans but also to the Campbells.


The Pro Series under its previous ‘Grand Prix’ name has been around a fairly long time now and some squads like the Aussies at the Santa Clara stop have been regular guests. The long course meets have also been popular with smaller western hemisphere swim countries because USAS typically has an agreement with FINA that they’re to be considered to be meets where an athlete can validate an Olympic time standard, something there may be limited options to do in their home country. So you’ll get a squad like the Venezuealns who make an appearance in the name of standard-chasing.


Yes, beachmouse, that is how Grand Prix – Pro Series always looked like in January. In this regard I am still not sure of Sjostrom’s reasonings to go that far for racing. Is it the only place where she can meet at least some competition at this time of the year? Or she decide to collect some money with easy wins. Or intimidation. As for American swimmers not many of them secured their place at Olympic team. As commonwombat noted the trial season is what coming first. Ledecky and Franklin will check how real Schmitt’s comeback is. The Sjostrom-Pellegrini-Heemskirk problem will be a consideration when time comes.


What was that meet in 2015 where Sjostrom swam 4:06? Wake up aswimfan we in the year of 2016 already 😀

paolo rubbiani

@Yozhik: Sjostrom, with a Stockholm squad, has been in the Usa for a 3-week training camp. So, the Austin meet is a planned competition after the training camp.

I think that, considering how competitive is Ledecky in every race (I’d say also in training sets) she competes , 200 free at Austin will be very interesting.

It’s a training meet, that’s clear, but Ledecky, as said before, hates to lose even in a training set and, moreover, Ledecky knows well that Sjostrom was the best performer in the 200 free at Worlds 2015 with her lead-off leg in the 4×200 free relay, whilst Ledecky won the 200 free.

So, a little cloud in Ledecky’s perfect blue sky at Worlds2015..and Ledecky wants a perfect blue sky for every race she enters..


Thank you Paolo for clarification about Sjostrom being in USA already. It explains.

As to Ledecky, I think that she is mature enough already and she and her coach have learned their lessons from last WC. No more such childish experements that could have a severe consequences, both mental and physical.


If the past is any indication, Sjostrom has no trouble swimming very fast in season. Neither does Ledecky and Hosszu. While Franklin just hates to lose and Schmitt wants to prove she will be contender in the trials.


Mouse, I’m very well aware of meets like Santa Clara and the fields it attracts. My point was that this Pro Series looks far more of a real series whereas the previous G


apologies for computer “jumping” mid sentence.

My point was that this Pro Series now seems more of a real series whereas in the past the Grand Prix meets, for all the quality fields they would sometimes attract, often seemed more “meets in isolation”.

In no way am I criticising or seeking to denigrate this Pro Series; one hopes that they can retain the Arena (or some other sponsor with deep pockets) longer term.

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