Suspended Once, Sebastian Szczepanski Tests Positive Again; B-Sample To Decide Case

Sebastian Szczepanski of Poland by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sebastian Szczepanski, the Polish sprinter, has failed a doping test, according to Poland’s anti-doping agency. “We discovered anabolic steroids, androgens and hormone modulators, but for the moment I’m remaining cautious about judging this case,” the agency’s Michal Rynkowski told TVN24 television

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Woah at least 3 things at once, now that’s something. I’m absolutely not an expert but don’t these substances remain in the body and could be shown for a long period of time? Just regarding your first question at the end of the article, maybe he didn’t take it there and then but long before….of course it’s not an excuse but still.

Craig Lord

Good point ITR but it didn’t show up in Netanya, we assume (assuming he was tested…) so immediately after may be an explanation if it is all confirmed. Taking stuff soon after a big event not uncommon in the archive of swim doping cases …

Thomas Lund

If I get this right just using an online translation device it seems he avoided testing in Netanya, but might be lost in translation.,sebastian-szczepanski-zostal-zlapany-na-dopingu,artykul,640477,1,421.html
Does anyone know exactly when he was tested positive the first time.

Craig Lord

Thomas, I have the lists of doping cases – but not on me… will see if I can lay my hands on it at some stage before the B sample etc…thanks for the link


I’ve always wondered about a few random names who won medal at euro level companionship only to be a no show or nowhere near significance at global championships.

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