Round-Up: Sun Yang’s Super Series Kicked Into Touch By Foot Injury – 6-Week Rehab

Sun Yang by Patrick. B. Kraemer

News Round-Up: The Aquatic Super Series in Perth this Friday and Saturday will go without Sun Yang, China’s 400 and 1500m Olympic champion, after he injured a foot in training in Australia; Rio 2016 says Zika will not take down the Games despite official global alert from the WHO; and folk at the heart of the IAAF doping scandal appeal to CAS against their lifetime bans

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Why do they capture it all on video? Seems like they are really afraid of what people would think if no evidence of this injury appears 🙂
I also wonder what did he do to break his foot. As a distance swimmer he is not supposed to do such intense stuff with huge weights, IMHO.


Eugene, there is probably a very good reason for videoing this if you cast your mind back to last year and the case of Sth Korean Olympic champion Park Tae-Hwan’s positive test; reputedly due to an injection given to him in a Sth Korean public clinic.

Whilst not wishing to go back to the specifics of that case, it would appear that those with SY are ensuring they have clear evidence of all interaction especially with regards to treatment and any drugs used. Well and truly “covering their backsides”.

The one question mark is whether they have the hospital’s and relevant medical staff’s permission for filming.

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