Steffen Deibler Dreams Of Rio After 48.27 & 48.33 Two-Lap Tickets To Olympic Games

Steffen Deibler (GER) by Patrick B. Kraemer

Steffen Deibler, of Hamburg, cracked out two swift 100m freestyle efforts today, a 48.27 in heats of the German Open in Berlin followed by a 48.33 victory in the final, his ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games rubber stamped

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With Deibler time now Germany is the faster 4×100 relay out of the 5 strongest teams..
While US France Aus RUS and BRA are probable locks for final disaster barred.. GER puts themselves on a good position to get one of the last 3 spots againts CHN JPN ITA CAN GRE and BEL together (Germany flat start times add up to 3:14:11)

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