Stats & Speculation Circulate Faster Than Water In Rio Pool: Myrtha Says ‘No Flow’

Adam Peaty - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The evidence that patterns are present in the pool is there, just as any starry night can throw up its own wonders. But did it all really add up to ‘significant current’ (or current at all)? Last week, when a German website collated a great many statistics that suggested such patterns, the question was raised: what can we read into it. Well, truth be told, not much – the Rio pool was a place of balance

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Once the swimmers dive in, they create turbulence and current and how do you calculate the effect this has? It varies based on positions, speed……..

Craig Lord

Yes, Ger, I’m sure there are variables in there – the evidence of something odd going on was stronger in Barcelona in 2013, I seem to recall, but I’m not convinced it all adds up significant disadvantage, unless we’re to believe that those on the ‘slow’ side of the pool and picking up just as many medals as their mirror were somehow swimming beyond themselves and would have been even further ahead of where they go had they not had a ‘current’ against them. The patterns are interesting but it may be the focus is on the wrong thing…

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