Speedy State Swims From Madison Wilson & Mitch Larkin Set A Solid Tone In Victoria

Madison Wilson [photo: courtesy Swimming Australia]

There is no let up in Mitch Larkin’s form – and the same could be said of one of his training partners and another Aussie backstroker breaker of 2015, Madison Wilson, on a career best 2:07.18 in the 200m in the opening session of finals at Victoria State titles in Melbourne today. The meet also featured a solid 8:25.13 from Jess Ashwood in the 800m freestyle, a brace from Emma McKeon, the comeback of James Magnussen, on 49.3 over 100m freestyle and a smooth 1:06.98 from Georgia Bohl over 100m breaststroke

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Personal Best

Good job by Georgia Bohl… I can’t remember the last time an Aussie woman went 1:06 in the 100 breast. I believe this is Bohl’s first time there?

Also, Blair Evans seems to be moving in the right direction. Will be interesting to see.

Craig Lord

Yes, very smooth, personal best – last Aussie under was Taylor Mckeown – 1:06.97 in heats at world titles last year… before that, Leiston Pickett in 2012.


Bohl’s 1:06 is a good news for Australia’s w4x100 Medley, BUT Mckeon will still need to produce a 56mid split for Australia to medal in Rio.

Personal Best

McKeown it was, that’s right. I do remember Leiston Pickett reaching that milestone, but not since, and many seemed to plateau around the low 1:07s.


Evans went 4.38.59 at WA Titles back in December. AUS QT is 4.38.20 so both she & McMaster look reasonable odds to make that cut at Trials.

Bohl’s PB is very pleasing however this needs to be sustained through to Trials, which she has yet to manage in the past few seasons. A second AUS qualifier is however no certainty with the AUS QT at 1.07.11.

I think the AUS W4XMED is still a reasonable medal bet, given the quality of the bookends, but ASW is right in saying that the fly leg is just as much a factor in keeping them off the top step as BRS. S


So far, there is little evidence to suggest that Coutts can get back to her 2012-2013 levels and Groves has yet to prove she can perform internationally. Whilst McKeonE was 4th in Kazan, apart from Sjostrom this was an inordinately slow race and those times are highly unlikely to cut it this year.

A 57mid leg is possible with those currently in the frame but Kazan showed that they cannot “take it as read”.

This meet should certainly give us our first real markers for the year as to how certain events are tracking. However, the NSW titles in the first week of March will probably give us a stronger overall picture with near Nationals quality fields in many events

paolo rubbiani

Anyone watched the livestreaming?
I’m still laughing for two commentators’ blunder in the men’s 400 A final: during the whole race they mistaked Stephen Milne (well-known british swimmer) for Andrew Spoor (young australian swimmer competing in the B-final) . “What a brave attitude Andrew”, “great swim from this young man in the big stage” etc etc. Only after the finish, reading the names on the score-board: “so the winner is And..Stephen Milne”. Very amusing, indeed, and in the future I have to be less severe with Italian’s commentators..
Ah, winning time for Milne 3.48.99, Spoor ‘s time in the B-final 4.02.71.., but Spoor had 4 minutes of renown that Milne hadn’t lol

Craig Lord

🙂 Paolo. I was polite enough not to note it (now added a short reference) … there but for the grace of God etc … (i had everyone in Adelaide not Melbourne for a few seconds at launch 🙂 Mr Milne etc was funny… it won’t have helped that they may not have recognised his cap nor even him, though Mr Milne has a recognisable stroke (and smoothness of 🙂 .
I think they suggested that the scoreboard had the wrong lanes/names at start of race … still, not as bad as the moment a very senior blazer from FINA appeared red faced and raging at the door of the omega suite at one big meet – the hard-working timing folk were baffled… had they got the name Phelps wrong; had they placed him in the 100 breaststroke, perhaps? No – turns out they had the wrong name for the giver of flowers at the podium ceremony. A catastrophe worth raging over, clearly 🙂
Laughter is best. I remember many years ago writing about the efforts of two swimmers I referred to as ‘twins’ – one of them sent me a very funny note, explaining that their mother was still alive despite the birthing process haven taken two years 🙂


Some very interesting events to keep an eye on tomorrow’s program.

W100FLY: The three leading candidates for the 2 individual spots will have a trial run here. Ideally, they would like to be tracking 57low here.

M200BK: Interest will centre on Larkin’s time.

W100BK: After Wilson’s major PB in the 200, will we see something below 59sec in the 100. She swam 59dead at Qld titles in December.

M100BRS: Realistically a case of Packard then daylight. Interest will centre on his time. He has swum inside the AUS QT of 59.75 in Kazan but neither is he at the stage that such a time is a “given”.

W200BRS: Will Bohl’s 100 PB be mirrored over the longer journey ? How is McKeown tracking in what has been her stronger event. The AUS QT of 2.23.06 is certainly achievable but again, not a certainty.

W400FS: Ashwood looked a class above the rest in the 800. Whilst not expected a Ledecky time, it would be pleasing to see her at least at 4.05-4.06.

M200FS: Not expecting anything particularly noteworthy. McKeonD & Smith the major seeds here.

W50FS: No C1 or C2 at this meet although it will be curious to see the times from the likes of Wright & McKeonE.

Bad Anon

Wilson’s 2.07.18 is a record for January I must say. it sends a good message ahead of trials. Women 200back will be stacked in Rio ; the best 2 Americans and 2Australians from trials then add Hosszu, Simmonds, Bouchard, Caldwell, Coventry, etc, just making the final may take 2.08low and to medal 2.05high

Craig Lord

Yes, Bad Anon, but not unusual to have an Aussie as the fastest January swimmer, of course. Even so, in the Dec to February period only Missy Franklin, Lizzie Simmonds and Belinda Hocking have ever gone faster (and Kirsty Coventry WR in shiny suit, the first of all of them, the one that took down K Egerszegi standard, of course) … fascinating backstroke battles ahead Down Under.

paolo rubbiani

Now seriously, I am totally agree with Craig about the fine job did by The My Sport live stream team.
Thanks from an Italian swimming fan.

paolo rubbiani

Edit: I totally agree..


CW, there is go, your low 57s for 100FLY for McKeon, a personal best & she did it in Jan. looks good for that relay team. Best bookends in world swimming & personal bests for the middle 2 in Jan. Looks good.


Very promising signs I will certainly agree, Rob. I certainly haven’t seen Em look that good on fly before !

However, I’ll hold off on breaking open the Moet et Chandon until we see how they’re tracking at Trials. There’s also that other issue of doing the business when it really matters … which is what these two legs DIDN’T do in Kazan.


CW just got mentioned in commentary My Sport live Stream.

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