Speedo USA Pulls Plug On Ryan Lochte Yet Parent Speedo Backs Sun* & Efimova*

Ryan Lochte (USA) - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Speedo USA has confirmed that it is dropping its endorsement deal with Ryan Lochte. Questions of corporate choices abound. Speedo USA, whose parent company continued to sponsor China’s Sun Yang* after he tested positive for a banned substance and China attempted to cover up the case and signed up Yuliya Efimova* after the Russian returned from a doping ban, released its Lochte verdict on Twitter.

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50,000 PR stunt. Hypocrites. With all the bad publicity Efimova received, in particular, you would think she would have been shown the door. Maybe it’s yet to come.
I understand that manufacturers will protect their brands, but this is nonsense, on the whole.

Blah Blah

Easy business decision. Lochte’s career as a world class swimmer is clearly at an end. This was an easy excuse to drop him. I think brands are a little bit careful with the number of high profile swimmers and athletes who have had positive tests to risk taking a stand against doping when there’s no guarantee the next huge star they back isn’t going to also be caught.

Craig Lord

They need not be careful, Blah… you just need a clause saying ‘fall down, you’re gone’… so all good image for them one way or another… the middle ground or less is a bad place for sponsors, especially when something like this happens and a moment of drunken foolishness and poor response beyond is seen as the bigger crime that a positive steroid test. It isn’t credible. As you say, it smacks of business convenience not ‘right thing to do’.


Just about every endorsement/sponsorship contract has a so-called “morals” clause these days. It’s not at all a surprise anymore when a company cuts loose from a wayward athlete. It’s almost expected. Fortune Magazine has already reported that Ralph Lauren will not be renewing their endorsement deal and that Syneron Candela has cut ties also.

Business deals are just that.


With Sun it’y not just the doping but also the bad behavior in Kazan last year and the jail time a while before that. But the Chinese apparently love a winner even if he is scum.

Bad Anon

Actions have consequences


Speedo is a for-profit business. Can’t fault them for the decision.
They do cost-benefits analysis all the time.
This time, their analysis must have shown that extending Lochte’s contract does more harm to their business.

Comparison with Efimova is also a bit off. Efimova is sponsored by Speedo international, Lochte is by SpeedoUSA?
Ryan Lochte’s name is also far more well-known and powerful than Efimova.
Another difference; apart from swimming close followers, the general public has little idea about Efimova’s doping details.
Meanwhile, the whole world by now has heard of Lochte and his immature tantics.


^ Forgot to add: Not that I disagree with everyone’s opinion that Seedo should drop both Sun Yang and Efimova. In fact I hope Speedo drop both like hot potatoes.

I’m just looking at Speedo’s point of view.

Craig Lord

The press release was sent out by corporate speedo – intl – on behalf of speedo USA, asf, so hardly divorced from each other…

Craig Lord

But not always, Bad Anon… or Efimova and Sun would not be sponsored

Craig Lord

Quite so, and understandable, pegasus (even when sometimes that is convenient and even galling) … but then they should be applied in doping cases… but they are not being applied in all cases because business with China, I assume, is too important to put at risk… Efimova? no idea what that was about; they simply should not have gone there.


Speedo signed Efimova right after Kazan, I think, where she had just won gold and other medals.

Craig Lord

Yes, asf. It was unwise.

Steve Levy

Craig, and my question has been answered…

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