Specialists Spared Another Year: Adam Peaty & Kyle Chalmers Set 200 & Dash Events Aside

The blue in the black and white: Adam Peaty snapped by Gary McCaffery on training camp in Tenerife this month - courtesy of Gmcphotography.org

The world’s best 200m breaststroke and 50m freestyle specialists are spared another season. Olympic champions Adam Peaty, of Britain, and Kyle Chalmers, of Australia, will not extend their threat to some of the obvious events beyond those in which they claimed global titles in the past two seasons.

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AUS selection document and qualification standards https://www.swimming.org.au/Assets/Selection-criteria/2017-World-Champs-Selection-Criteria-Athlete-FINAL.aspx

A lot of management school speak, to which we have (sadly) become accustomed, in the doc itself. The qualification times aren’t necessarily that stiff by 2016 international standards but I’m already seeing a good number of events (both M BRS/FLY/IM; WIM) where even one qualifier is no “done deal” let alone a second

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